Commence Operation "I Hate Acne" 77

Do you have pimples, blackheads or other acne problems? It's a common problem, not only among teenagers, but also among some middle-aged adults. Have no fear! There are solutions to this problem.

Start being more critical of what you eat. If you are eating at fast food joints a lot, you need to cut back. These types of habits do not help your body defend itself against infections, including acne. Load up on the fruits and vegetables, eat only lean meats, and don't overdo it on the sugar. Your body's vitamin and mineral requirements will be met by making the change to healthy diet choices.

Consuming lots of water helps you stay hydrated and healthy. Drinks that have large sugar content do not keep you hydrated. If water isn't your thing, check out options such as home juicers, as they give you the opportunity to make fresh juice easily. Fresh juice is healthier and much better for your skin and overall health than packaged selections.

You can balance out your body by using a supplement known as Maca. Always follow the directions, and start off with the minimum dosage with any supplement you try. One big advantage is that Maca produces no adverse effects.

Avoid using cleansers that contain harsh chemicals that dry your skin. These harsh chemicals can be drying and irritating to your sensitive, acne prone areas. Some chemicals actually exacerbate acne and sensitivity. Instead of reaching for common cleansers with harsh chemicals, try something natural. Your skin can obtain relief from chamomile, page aloe vera and tea tree oil. None of these treatments harbor harsh or irritating chemicals.

Garlic is the natural enemy to the many bacteria which may cause infection, and eventually lead to acne. Just crush a couple of cloves of garlic and gently apply it to the area where you have an outbreak. Stay away from your eyes. While this will sting any open sores, it will also quickly and effectively reduce the infection on and below the surface. After a few minutes have elapsed, carefully rinse the skin, and lightly pat it dry.

To help your pores look their best, try using an organic green-clay mask. The clay will also absorb the oil on your skin. You should always rinse off the mask after it dries. You should remove all the clay by cleaning your face with a cotton ball that has witch hazel on it.

When you are under stress, your skin suffers. Stress interferes with your body's normal levels of functioning. This makes fighting off infections and skin conditions very difficult. Stress reduction is one of the primary ways you can improve how your skin both looks and feels.

These strategies will improve your complexion very quickly. To achieve maximum benefits, it is best to follow a regimen each day. You can get clear, healthy skin by combining a weekly facial mask with a garlic treatment, and twice-daily cleansing.

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